Oh, Bathroom Vanities. These vanities are like Swiss Army knives for our bathrooms. Where else could you hide all your beauty products and towels, or do your best YouTube tutorial impression? And they can hold a sink up too!

Take a deep breath and dive right in. Remember the days when vanities weren’t much more than tables? In the past, many people used to get ready in front of their fancy bedroom mirrors, planning out their next moves in high-society or other dramatic events. Now, these mirrors are a staple in bathrooms. They offer both storage and style.

You can think of choosing your vanity as choosing the date you will go to prom. The vanity should be something you like, but that also fits in with the rest (aka your bathroom decor). Are you going to choose Mr. Sleek and Modern? With those sleek lines and clean edges that say “I got it together”, or will you opt for Ms. Rustic Charm with her woody vibes and warm smile? Maybe Ms. Rustic Appeal is your style, with its woodsy vibes.

It’s in the size that things become real. Not only is it important to fit it into the space you have, but also find that Goldilocks area where everything feels perfect. If it’s too large, you will be playing Tetris in the mornings to maneuver around. Where are you going to store your different types of hair conditioner if it is too small?

We’ll take a peek at the inside of those cabinets and drawers. With all the hidden gadgets in today’s vanities, they are like secret agents. You’ll find drawers inside drawers that hold all your small bits and bobs. And outlets for hairdryers tucked into cabinets (because no one hasn’t battled with a cable tangle monster). The vanities of today are like secret agents with all their hidden gadgets. They have drawers within drawers for your bits and bobs, outlets hidden away for hairdryers (because who hasn’t battled a cord tangle monster?

Do not even begin to mention countertops. You can go with natural stone, but it’s a high maintenance material. Or you could try engineered stone for beauty and no commitment. Solid surfaces or glass are modern and chic. They’re easy to clean.

Are you making the right choices for your sink? It’s a whole story! While undermount sinks can be hidden, they are still very effective. Vessel sinks, on the other hand sit proudly atop a vanity and demand your attention.

Innovation is not a thing of the past. Imagine vanities equipped with speakers and mood lighting, which can be used to illuminate your selfies.

The quest to find the perfect vanity can be a long one. A mix of practicality and personal taste is required, as well as historical references that hint at future technological wonders. The vanity is proof of the importance of design everywhere. Functionality reigns supreme, but most importantly it’s all about finding that “perfect little nook” that says you.

The perfect bathroom vanity awaits you in the store aisle or on the internet. It will revolutionize the way we network, party and even save the world one seed at a moment.

But who knows. One day, we may tell of our exploits against cyber criminals using nothing more than our brains and well-crafted codes. Stay safe on the internet!